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Design the next phase of your life around the things you love.

At Kithward, we’re here to guide you to an independent living community that’s right for you.

Find your place, live your passion.

At Kithward we believe independent living is more than just a floorplan. We highlight activities, services, and introduce you the type of folks you’ll be cohabitating with.

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At Kithward, we get to know you on a personal level and find the right community for you.

The best tips from wellness experts.

We offer best-in-class expertise to help you age well as you plan your future and identify the things that are meaningful to you.

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Forget Aging Gracefully — Age Successfully!

The MacArthur Foundation’s landmark ten-year study in 1998 showed that 70% of how we physically age, and 50% of how we mentally age are determined by the lifestyle choices that we make. It was this study that sought to break the stereotypes that equate aging to sickness, senility, slowness, weakness, and that longevity is predetermined by genetics.

Senior Living Options Today - Guidance

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Senior Living Options Today

Long gone are the days when senior living conjured up images of living alone at home or moving into nursing home facilities that felt more like hospitals for the old.

Since the late 1980s, the concept of senior housing has evolved from medical care for the elderly to one of providing services to allow the aging to live with more independence. And in the last two decades, that concept has further evolved to accommodate lifestyle and quality of life choices, focusing not just on living, but living well.

Find your people with Kithward.

We're on a mission to ensure you continue living life to its fullest by connecting you with a community that's authentic to your spirit and identity.

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