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Making retirement

We envision a world where retirement is aspirational. Our mission is enabling individuals to explore life's possibilities at any stage. We empower seniors and families to find a home allowing them to not only age, but to age well.

About Kithward

Kithward is a trusted senior living marketplace focused on independent living and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). We empower seniors and their families to search for and discover communities by location, price, and amenities, so that they can find the community that will allow them to not just age, but to age well.

Although we provide information on many kinds of senior living communities, we focus on those that allow their residents to 'age in place' and, in particular, on Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

We also offer the expertise and guidance one might need to navigate what can be a murky, complicated, and emotional process of finding and choosing a community. In the end, we want our customers to feel confident they made the right decision.

Currently, we are providing information in select cities. You can start searching for communities here.

Our Mission

Kithward's mission is to ensure that as people age they can continue living life to its fullest in an environment authentic to their spirit and identity.

In service of that mission and as a means of accomplishing it, we will:

  • Empower our customers to make the best, most informed lifestyle, housing and care decisions possible.
  • Seek to reframe the conversation around aging in a way that reflects the vitality of the growing senior population.
  • Embrace transparency, trusting its power to favorably transform the experience of both consumers and providers.

Our Name

The first part of our name comes from the word 'kith', a seldom-used English word that some may recognize from the phrase 'kith and kin', which means friends and family. Kith indicates more than one's friends, however; it also refers to one's acquaintances, neighbors and the surrounding community.

The second part of our name, the suffix '-ward', means to move in a particular direction or toward a particular place, as in forward or homeward.

Hence, Kithward. Moving towards community.

Find your people with Kithward.

We're on a mission to ensure you continue living life to its fullest by connecting you with a community that's authentic to your spirit and identity.

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