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Independent Living Providers

Would you like to become a Kithward partner community? You’ll get better qualified leads than ever before and a way to advertise your communities that genuinely reflects to potential customers what you have to offer. We’ll do some of the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on what's most important: helping new residents make the transition and enriching the lives of everyone in your community.

If you are interested in working with Kithward, please email us at

How Kithward Prepares Your Customer

Our primary goal as a business is to help our customers find the Independent Living community that best fits who they are and what they need. From your point of view, this means better qualified leads, people who are more educated and more prepared to make a decision and sign a contract.

As you undoubtedly know, a customer must over come certain obstacles, emotional and otherwise, before they will choose to move into your community. The questions below represent some of these learning, mental and functional obstacles and how Kithward can help to overcome them.

"What is Independent Living?"

Kithward can help potential residents:

  • Understand what Independent Living is, among the sea of 'senior living' options
  • Learn the fundamental benefits of Independent Living
  • Realize Independent Living is a feasible and attractive option for them

"How much does Independent Living cost?"

Kithward can help potential residents:

  • See they can afford Independent Living
  • Understand the value of what is included with the price, reducing "sticker shock"
  • Gain a general sense of their budget and financing options

"How much should I consider my future healthcare needs?"

Kithward can help potential residents:

  • Grasp the concept of 'aging in place' and its importance
  • Comprehend the unique benefits of a Continuing Care Retirement Community
  • Consider the degree to which future care costs will factor in to their decision

"Am I ready for Independent Living?"

Kithward can help potential residents:

  • Overcome resistance to the idea of Independent Living
  • Come to terms with the transition they must make before moving
  • Feel confident they have the knowledge to make a decision and sign a contract

"Which is the right Independent Living community for me?"

Kithward can help potential residents:

  • Know that your community meets their core criteria, from location to layouts
  • Recognize your community is an affordable option for them
  • Realize your community is a place they could live and thrive!

If you are interested in partnering with us and helping your future customers answer the questions above, please contact us at