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Find your perfect senior independent living community in Michigan

Retire in ease and comfort in Michigan! Enjoy affordable living in one of the Great Lake State’s many retirement communities, as well as access to hiking and more.

Living in Michigan

Michigan is a state that is one of the most affordable for seniors to live in the country. Retirees 55 and over can benefit from joining a retirement community due to exceptionally low costs of living. It’s also home to Ann Arbor, an exceptionally friendly city for seniors due to the variety of indoor and outdoor activities they can enjoy, as well as being close to the world-class University of Michigan.

In addition, the Great Lake State boasts many outdoor activities, especially in the north. The Upper Peninsula offers spectacular hiking trails and beautiful beaches along Lakes Michigan and Superior. Many of the forests north of Grand Rapids also offer great opportunities to walk and explore.


Michigan has four distinct seasons. Its summers are fairly mild, especially further north.

Things to Do

Michigan offers plenty of outdoor activities for the more active senior. The northern parts of the state is home to many state and national forests. These present great opportunities to hike, walk, fish and hunt. The Upper Peninsula also boasts access to exceptional beaches during the summer months, as well as day trips to many islands on the Great Lakes, including Beaver Island and Isle Royale.

In addition, Michigan has many activities in the more populated south. Ann Arbor in particular, a highly walkable city, offers much in the way of restaurants, walking trails, and various other activities.


Michigan is home to many cultural events, including the Ann Arbor Art Festival, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, and more. Detroit is a music haven, being a twin home to rock music and soul.


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What makes Independent Living in Michigan unique?

  • Residents often enjoy regular tea times.
  • Communities often have great access to a city.
  • Communities often have a wellness room.

The best tips from wellness experts.

We offer best-in-class expertise to help you age well as you plan your future and identify the things that are meaningful to you.

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