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Find your perfect senior independent living community in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful state for seniors to retire to. Its retirement communities grant access to affordable health care, warm weather, and great beaches.

Living in Hawaii

Hawaii is a state that offers decent tax breaks for seniors to retire with. More importantly, its healthcare costs, especially for seniors, are low, making care easier as they get older. It’s also the most diverse state in the country.

Of course, the real draw for Hawaii is the island chain itself. There’s a reason many consider the Aloha State paradise: Its beautiful beaches, wonderful rainforests, daily rainforests, and breathtaking scenery. In many places, rainbows are a daily feature. It also boasts warm weather throughout the year.


Hawaii has a tropical climate. Temperatures range between 70 and 95 degrees throughout the year. Rain is a frequent feature.

Things to Do

Seniors who enjoy the outdoors will love Hawaii. The Aloha State’s many beaches offer chances to snorkel, swim, and surf. In addition, seniors can paddleboard, kayak, and canoe on the coast or inland. Inland, there are hiking and biking trails. On Mauna Kea in the Big Island, there are even opportunities to ski.

More importantly, though, Hawaii encourages people to relax. People in the state move at their own pace. It creates a stress-free life for seniors, helping them live longer and healthier lives.


Hawaii takes great pride in its native culture, and it’s deeply embedded in the state’s DNA. Not only does the state provide entertainment such as luaus and great cuisine with native roots, but its lifestyle is heavily rooted in native customs that residents tend to follow. This creates a pleasant lifestyle based on family and friendship, not just wealth or prestige. Seniors willing to embrace this vibe will find Hawaii a friendly place to live.


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