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Top Reasons to Retire In and Around Gaithersburg, Maryland

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Out of all the things that may be on your retirement checklist, Gaithersburg, MD is bound to tick several boxes as a great option to consider when embarking on this next exciting chapter in your life. Over the years, Gaithersburg has consistently ranked in the top 25 best suburbs to retire by Forbes and other major outlets. With just over 64,000 residents, Gaithersburg is considered a suburb of Washington, D.C. and due to its location, it is one of the most economically and ethnically diverse areas in the Washington Metropolitan Area. With so many factors working in its favor, there are many reasons to consider spending your golden years in this inviting part of the county.

Year-Round Active Outdoor Lifestyle

With four distinct seasons but no extreme weather conditions during any time of the year, Maryland hosts a mild climate for retirees to be able to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle all year round. Its summers are warm but not unbearably hot, whilst in most of the state, its winters are mild with no extreme snowfall or dangerous temperatures. Gaithersburg is home to many parks and hosts an array of festivals and events throughout the year, all encouraging residents to spend time outdoors and get involved with their local community.

Exceptional Healthcare Services

Maryland has some of the best healthcare services in the country. The Gaithersburg region is home to many continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) that pride themselves on their exceptional onsite healthcare services and their ability to look after residents no matter how their needs may change as they progress through retirement. With 16% of the state’s population aged 55 and older, there are ample retirement communities in this region to suit your individual healthcare requirements at present, and well into the future.

Tax Friendly Policies for Seniors

The state of Maryland supports a friendly tax climate for retirees by not taxing Social Security Benefits. Furthermore, taxpayers ages 65 and older can exclude up to $34,300 of federally-taxed income from their employee retirement plan. Maryland sales tax is also favorable for seniors, as groceries and prescription pharmaceuticals are exempt across the entire state. All of these policies will help reduce the daily cost of living for anyone looking to retire in this beautiful part of the country.

Access to Educational Opportunities

As a resident of Gaithersburg you will be fortunate to have access to many free and low-cost educational opportunities throughout the state of Maryland. The Golden ID Program at the University of Maryland offers free classes to residents aged 60 and above who can enroll in up to three free college classes held during Summer Session.The University of Maryland also offers a range of free online classes to residents of all ages. More specific to the Gaithersburg region, residents of Montgomery County aged 50 and older can choose from over 140 classes at Montgomery College’s Lifelong Learning Institute. And last but not least, Montgomery County Public Libraries offer free online courses for residents of all ages so you will have plenty of intellectually stimulating educational opportunities at your fingertips.

Excellent Public Transportation

The various options of mass transit in this suburb will give you access to all that Washington D.C. and its surrounding areas have to offer. MARC Trains, Metrorail and Ride On Buses all offer senior discounts and provide easy ways to get around without the need to rely on having your own vehicle or using some of the communities’ scheduled transportation services. Riders 65 and older can use a Senior SmarTrip card to travel free or at a discounted rate on Metrorail, Metrobus, and Ride On Buses. Adults over 50 can also contact Connect-A-Ride (CAR) for information about their transportation options for medical services, errands, social activities and more. This free referral service links callers with public, private, and volunteer transportation services, including escorted transportation.

If Gaithersburg, MD or one of its surrounding neighborhoods is where you see yourself retiring, you may be blown away by your choices due to the high number of communities in this area. Kithward can help you narrow down your options by using our Advanced Search Filters to browse communities based on the criteria most important to you.


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